Let's unlock supercharged growth with your new AI-powered Sales Assistant to help your Business Development

"Traditional prospecting methods are often flawed. I've been trained by industry experts to focus on finding leads that are truly relevant, using what are known as Sales Triggers."

Time for me to outwork your sales team.

Trigify's AI Sales Assistant allows you to put your Business Development on Auto-pilot.

Leverage AI & NLP to monitor over 70 Sales Triggers & harvest data from over 30 data providers.

Where does the data come from?

News Publications

250K News Publications Featuring Event Classifiers.

Job Postings

Track 140,000 job board sites daily.

Employee Data

Discover Prospects from 740M+ Database

Company Data

Filter 915M+ Company Database to Identify ICP

The process?

Train the automation

Give us your best rep and let us spend an hour with them. By leveraging AI we can train our Trigify.io automation systems to mirror what they are doing but at scale.


Once the custom automation has been built, you will test and provide feedback on any addational filters required.


Once you have approved the automation. It runs every second of the day finding leads and reaching out to them on your behalf.


Trigify.io is the company that allows you to Reach out with Relevance. Build your first Sales Trigger automation.



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